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334 W. 17th Street #4E
New York, NY


My name is Benny Simon, and I am a dancer, choreographer, and teacher based in New York city. My research interests involve the use of technology in intermedial dance works.

Syllabus Examples

Dance Critique and Dance & Technology sample class syllabus by Benny Simon.


Introduction to Improvisation & Composition

The role of improvisatory methods in generating movement for formal composition will be examined. Multiple improvisational approaches will be explored, including games, text, and tasks. Tools for manipulating movement will be introduced, such as repetition, retrograde, inversion, rhythm, basic Laban planes, and fragmentation.

The resulting material will be combined into short works that explore compositional concepts such as space, time, energy and choreographic tools. 

Purpose and Practice of Dance Critique

This proposed course investigates the purpose and practice of dance criticism at the undergraduate or graduate level. Two methods of dance criticism will be explored and practiced through the analysis of existing works on video and choreography produced by students. These experiences will provide tools and context that complement choreographic skills and the discourse of dance.

Dance & Technology in Intermedial Works

An investigation of the combination of dance and technology with respect to the creation of intermedial works. Topics explored include the concept and theory of intermedial dance works, examples of technologies used in combination with dance to create specific intermedial works, and the hierarchy of dance within intermedial works.